New EPF Items

There are some new items in clubpenguin. Ryan never got to post the items because of his ban.  He just send me an e-mail why he was banned.  He send Clubpenguin an e-mail and said he was banned for 72 hours for saying hi bye.  They then send him back an e-mail saying he was banned from buying the new epf items.  He then told them he never even bought the new items yet.  So tecnically he was hacked because he DID NOT GO ON CLUBPENGUIN.  Poor ryan huh.  Well anyways here are the new epf items.

Tactical Headsets

  • Alpha Headset
  • Delta Headset

Basic Set

  • H20 Pack
  • Range Finder
  • Tactical Gear
  • Tactical Boots

Cool huh.  All because of this he was banned gosh.  Also I have found something so cool in the epf command room screen,  A video of teleporters. Look at them.

This is pretty cool. Huh.

Well Im Ninja 37330 and over and out. 😦


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