Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Walk Through

The mountain expedition is here and we got the full ultimate guide walk through for those fellow penguins who are stuck on the Club Penguin Mountain Expedition 2010! Check it out!

First you start at the Ski Village and head straight to the sign that says  ”Mountain Expedition”

Then once you enter, you’ll be able to get a free item and see a catalog full of items for the Mountain Expedition!

Then you enter the cave on the right side of the mountain to begin your expedition.

This part of the maze is the hardest you just have to keep clicking the icicles until you win.  Ill make a video clip on how to finish it (maybe not)

nce you finish the puzzle of the icicles, you’ll enter another room for resting and getting ready to head on to te next challenge, there will be a branch on the left bottom corner, click on it and keep on clicking it where ever it goes, then you be able to click on the Ax and just keep clicking on that until the big piece of wood falls down, after that, the wood will fall and now you throw snow balls on the icicles and then the wood would fly off to the sky and land to form a pathway, then you continue to the top of the mountain.

Once you finish that, you be at the top of the mountain and you’ll be able to get two free items, the red flag and the mountain expedition background by click on the camera! Make sure you smile!

SECRET ROOM- Once you finished the Mountain Expedition head back where you cut the log and on the bottom right corner click that block of ice and you’ll be able to enter it!

I think that the secret room will be the water or snow ninja training room or maybe there will be another room there.  Don’t you see that path there.  Well hope you enjoyed this walk through.


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