Good News :) ,and, Bad News :(

Which one do you wanna start with first. Im going to start with bad news.  The Bad News is, is that I can’t make a trainer.  It won’t let me.  When I try to download visual basic and when the download is finished it says I need to connect to another website to open it.  I try downloading visual basic express and then it says I have to re download it.  So if you know how to fix this then post it in the comments.  Also if someone makes me a trainer I will give to coin codes away.  First you have to make the trainer and give it to me I swear I’ll give you the coin code.  And if I lye I’ll ether lose my viewers for me lying,  shut down the blog, or give the person who made me the trainer and gave it to me will get the blog.  So do we have a deal.

The Good news is I know where you can get a trainer thats the best in the world. But still if you know how to make a trainer could you please make one for us.  For all our fans.  All of them.  We are counting on you. 😦


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