Because of word press having many problems with its site, I will be going to or you can type in  So if you want the latest updates go to I will try to put trainers and money makers on it.  So go there.  Farewells for now!

-Ryan and the crew



we are having some problems with sowing all the pages it will be showing them im a while

money maker

ever wanted to make money on clubpenguin with no effort? well ok just go to

Some Projects cancelled

I have cancelled some projects i was working on here are projects I will never work on again a clubpenguin trainer and

Im Back

Hey guys im back from my vacation.  You know what that means summer is over 😦  Since school is going to start for me I will not have much time to play clubpenguin and update my website.  But sometimes I will though.  So until we meet again my viewers

Blog Roll

Hey guys I’m making a blogroll on Cpbolt.  I will be putting peoples website on my blogroll for free until 10 days

Fall Fair

Clubpenguin has released the fall fair party.  Look at some of these pictures from the Fair.

There are still more rooms decorated in clubpenguin these are the common ones.  There is still the town and inside , coffee shop, beach and inside, snow forts, cove, Plaza and inside, dock, ski village, etc.  Thats all for now, though don’t forget to get some tickets and buy some items with them at the forest(for Non Members) and at the room thats in front of the forest(Members)  Good Bye